More than two decade of experience in every corner of the US, personally guiding over 65,000 people.  Experienced Oregon State Park Ranger and Interpretive Specialist for the USFS.  Grew up camping and hiking through family camping trips and years spent in the Boy Scouts developing my passion with the wonders of our environment.  I have always sought to combine real informative programs with an adventurous trip when possible. My first interpretive program I ever developed, was a presentation combining canoe routes through secluded gorges, while discovering different plant communities post Wisconsin Glacier (10,000 years ago), it worked well, thus the start of a fantastic journey. Graduated with a BS in Environmental Education, Communication and Interpretation. 

ON THE WATER…I have canoed/kayaked every river system in Ohio, spent time on the New River, many days on the French Broad River (NC), completed an eight hour Eskimo roll class on the Nantahala River (NOC), hundreds of trips through coastal Georgia’s salt marshes/barrier islands, now investigating the Columbia River, lakes, rivers and the ever exciting coastal Oregon.

BY LAND…Hiked/backpacked/mountain biked/provided programs on thousands of trips through Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Maine, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, Utah, and Oregon. Have some international experience mountain biking through the tropical rainforest of the Blue Mountains and taking a boat trip down the remote Rio Granda River in Jamaica

OREGON... Currently, offering one-of-kind interactive ecological tours in Oregon.  Developing programs on plant communities in Oregon.  Developing a plant ID booklet on all plant communities in Oregon.  Writing a book on environmental education utilizing my unique experience and the programs I have developed over two decades.  Developed 30 interactive nature signs for Mt. Hood Skibowl.  As well as developing audio and a website for each sign.  Designed full color 16 page interactive self-guided Mt. Hood Skibowl cultural & nature booklet, with tree &foot print identifier.  Prior, appointed by the mayor to City of Gresham, City Council Parks & Recreation Advisory Sub-Committee.  

COASTAL GEORGIA...While on the Georgia coast I researched and photographed many of the more than 20 plant communities from the salt marshes to the barrier islands. Developed programs based on needs of community and wrote a 35-page teacher self-guided program guide.  Guided 100+ kayak trips through the salt marsh and barrier islands.

MID-OHIO VALLEY...I developed over 20 environmental, conservation, and outdoor education programs. Developed an Environmental Education Center from the ground up, including the construction of a Nature Center, Observatory, 2-mile hiking trail and a low & high ropes course. Developing my signature program design of Students-As-Scientist. Overall, programs reached over 13,000 students annually in 19 school districts, a 75% increase in the first two years.

SOUTHERN APPALACHIAN MTS...While in the southern Appalachian Mountains I developed general public programs (ecology, historical, environmental issues, etc.), adult programs (informative, themed moderate 6-mile hikes), scout (entire forestry and birding badge), summer programs (Jr. Naturalist program, hikes, camp, youth groups and themed weekly programs), and professional programs (board of directors, foreign representatives, industry professionals, college interns, and teacher workshops). Developed small group half/full day educational excursions- Students-As-Scientists (GLOBE).allows students to adults the opportunity to gather real scientific data, involved in real ecological research. Developed and
started a traveling environmental education LLC, which provided regional programs.


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