"Welcomed input to his work, took calculated risks, and altered his approaches to a project as needed"   -Cindy Carpenter, US Forest Service


Over 2 decades of experience, federal/state governments to non-profit, from public to for-profit educational projects, all aspects of non-profit development, public lands and land trust.  Former, Mayor appointed member of the Gresham, Oregon Park & Recreation Sub-Committee.  

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY:  We start by developing objectives; what do we want our efforts to do?  Developing clear goals defined and accountable.  Analysis of  similar existing projects and/or programs to further develop the best possible outcomes.  Target audience analysis will provide effective ways to communicate to participants.  Experience researching environmental/ecological/conservation/historical educational needs of communities through organized meetings with school administrators, local town officials, businesses, and public meetings.  Experience developing strategic plans for; education centers, educational exhibits, educational media production, expanding on facilities & uses, expanding educational programming, expanding special events & fundraising activities, providing media production, developing community action plans and to provide to the community needs. 

CREATIVE PROJECT MANAGEMENT:  Successfully developing projects that "Wow's" people is our trademark.  Specializing in creative designs that engage your participants to share in their experiences, interactive with social media and the internet when possible.  Knowledge and experience to see through to the completion of the project and beyond.  We do it all; research, design, marketing plans, help with acquiring funding and construction in our own shop.   Experience constructing fully functional interact exhibits that are made to last.  We proudly utilize existing local resources available for construction needs, often utilizing local sawmill over cuts, which in-turn reduces our carbon footprint and need to fell trees for projects.

PROJECT ACCOUNTABILITY The most important factor and most over looked, measuring our efforts.  Collecting all data possible, analyzing and repositioning to maximize our efforts.  Proven record of 2 decades of successfully completing projects.


DECADES OF EXPERIENCE:            Nature Center & Environmental Education Centers: Developed plans, wrote grants & sought funding and constructed many exhibits including weather station, water quality, plant biology, insects, tree identification, geology, wetlands, Native American lifestyles, river erosion demonstration table, and two puppet stages of the Southeast Lions Club Nature Center.  Designed and constructed a 192 foot cubic feet indoor natural habitat that provides a year-round, hands-on environmental education experience.  Visitors investigate the terrarium’s wetland, stream, a river system and a forest habitat to interact with native soil types, geology, reptiles, amphibians, insects, fish, wildflowers and trees.  Interactive portable exhibits provide participants the feel of a real natural history museum, combined with the technology of a science lab. Students-as-scientists approach, allows students to adults the opportunity to gather real scientific data, involved in real ecological research.  Reaching over 18,000 students and youth groups participants per year via 20+ newly developed programs.  First, completing a natural resource assessment then designed and constructed a 2-mile nature trail with outdoor classrooms through a seasonally flooding area. The trail winds through a forest habitat, marsh, riparian habitat and open fields.  

Borror Observatory, central Ohio: Develop plan, sought funding, re-construction historical observatory and developed new programs offered to the community.

Cradle of Forestry in America- USFS National Historical Site, NC:  Developed general public programs (ecology, historical, water/air quality issues, etc.), adult programs (informative, themed moderate 6-mile hikes), scout (entire forestry and birding badge), summer programs (Jr. Naturalist program, hikes, camp, youth groups and themed weekly programs), and professional programs (board of directors, foreign representatives, industry professionals, college interns, and teacher workshops).   Marketing plan included programs being featured on ABC WLOS 13, Bob Caldwell’s OUTDOOR TV program and NATURE BITS on TV..  Designed themed, day and weekend long special events including Fathers Day in the Forest, Earth Day, Salamander Saturday, and Tree-mendous Tree Day.  Developed programs reaching pre-k through high school based on NC curriculum standards that grew over 40% in the first spring alone.

Crooked River State Park- Coastal Georgia:  Developed programs based on needs of community:  Salt Marsh Habitats, Upland/Lowland Coastal Forest Habitats, Nature Photography, 45 leaf tree dichotomous key, Landforms of Coastal Georgia (river, land, marsh and barrier island formation).  Developed special event in 6 weeks.  Designed and developed a 35-page Self-Taught Teacher Program booklet.

SD Adventures- San Diego Bay:   Developed a comprehensive plan to demonstrate the strengths of what "SD Adventures" is, what it wants to be, what it represents to the public.  Developing a niche, a new strategy, new programs, new staff educational training material.  All through an exciting and informative campaign that includes: designing new print, new website content, new promos, new national program development, new guide training material, social media content, hundreds of photos and +2 videos.

Mt. Hood Adventure- Mt Hood:  Provided media production; photos and full video production for training videos and commercial.

Mt. Hood Skibowl Nature Park:  Further development of a nature park: designed 30 interactive nature signs- with interactive webpage per sign via QR code & Tele-Story audio stories, 16-page Self-guided History & Nature Tour booklet, tree ID, redesigning interpretive trails, Mt Hood Skibowl Nature Park brochure, developed school & public programs, and interactive websites.